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How do we work?

First, when you contact us. We seek your objective upon what your intent is.
We then take a week or two to work on your Project Ideation. It will just be an overview that will showcase what you can expect.

We mostly do that through Zoom Video Conference.

Once, you understand them and are ready then only we move ahead.

Once your work starts, remember that certain protocols you too have to follow.
From using particular apps to providing us data of specific content within a specific time period.
The amount of passion we have for these works, we would be delighted if you do have at least the same zeal to work.
There is one point we want to say, that, if you have not understood how digital marketing helps or how it works, feel free to ask us to make it easier for your understanding.
And that's it!
Once you understand the process, everything becomes easier to give the best.

Everything we do is a cloud-based service.
And everything is documented.
Even most of our services are transparent.
We provide you the flexibility both in Pricing and having your own credentials with you.
Understand the process of digital branding, strategy and team player.
Do always remember one thing that we at TEKREKON always work as a TEAM. And we expect the same energy from your end too.

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