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Before explaining any further, let us tell you one thing.

This service package is for those who have awesome built products & quality wise are par with fellow competitiors, yet they have not yet managed to get success in SALES.

Then you should opt for this package.

We design products based on Market study, Consumer Awareness & Product Utility.

First comes Research & Based on it, we Design Products.


But what if you won't get sales even after that.

Now here's the trick, if you don't get required sales & are feeling stressed for losses, kindly don't be.

We will take the responsibility to take your products at the base price.

This is not for just having confidence upon us.

But this is our commitment which we adhere to stick.

Because if you have come to us with some amount of hope, we won't diminish that.


This is one time payment also. Not yearly, or monthly.

Product Design & Research

₹80,000.00 Regular Price
₹72,000.00Sale Price
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