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We offer the most flexible & most aggressive plans because we have just started.

And also we in our plans give you the widest applicable options & features that are centered towards you.

What do we mean by that?

If you are paying for Website plan, we provide you all credentials for life long.

From all available packages choose the one suits you.

Else have a chat with us till all your doubts vanishes.

Our plans are transparent.

Like we develop websites through Wix only.

You are free to buy Website plan from Wix directly and just pay us for designing it.

It's that simple we have made for everything we provide.

So we offer 5 plans currently:

1. Pay Per Pack (3P)

2. Partnership Plan (2P)

3. One Time Payment (OTP)

4. STOP (Selling Through Online Platform)

5. ZERO BUDGET (Let's Just Start)

Pay Per Pack

PartnerShip Plan

One Time Payment

Credit Card

Zero Budget

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