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Partnership Plan is a package we provide for an easy startup for your business through us.

And apart from this, you can get an assurance that your money isn't being wasted.


In 2P plans, we are self-declaring that if you won't get profits, you don't need to share anything nor we will ask anything.

That's what it is.

It is entirely our own responsibility to sell, as the more profit you garner the more we can share.

Hence, it is also good for many. And yet, many would ask us how dare we ask for fifty percent sharing of profits?

When you have the product, and everything is your own.

Our reply is that we are putting everything than what you are about to pay.

We will be constantly applying all our strategies & our time on your sales.

And we deserve this much at least.

Note: Here we are the Lead Players to take decisions. Because this is not just about Profits. It's purely Sales driven package.

The more sales we make it out for you, the better it is for us.

As we have teams for whom we need to pay at the end of the day.

And therefore choose this, if you are very much approachable, understandable and adaptable.

More details on it, you can visit the shop section of our website or mail us at

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