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1. I am interested in doing online business and was seeking those services from some firms like you. But I am confused now looking at the plethora of services you have been providing, I do not understand which one should I take?

Our Response:

Hey Buddy! Just first let us tell you something damn important.

If you have been doing business (online/e-commerce), then you do know what things you needed.

Means, be it your own store or be it simply selling through different online platforms.

Then it is easy for you to identify your requirements.

But if you want to start your business or want to start afresh online, you may choose either STOP or PP.

Or you want just Email marketing stuff, then choose the PPP package.

And still, if you aren't able to get an idea, then let's have a call or video conference.

We will guide you.

2. You say that your Partnership Based Package is for those who should share 50% of their profit with you, my question is if we can't get profit, then what? And also why the hell you think that 50% of profit would be shared?

Our Response:

Hey Buddy, remember that in Partnership Based Package that we provide, you have to follow all our guidelines, it's you & your product upon whom our stake also is dependent.

And if you adhere to those, we are confident in our words.

The most important thing which you won't realize is that we also give our all services into it so that your sales grow, & definitely once you grow we too shall grow.

So yes, the question of no profit isn't in our mind & in the worst-case scenario we have back up plans for where both of us won't be in loss.

Now the second question that why 50%?

Simply because we take care of your business. We do everything from Content to Social Media to Photography to Video Ads. And to add here we deploy our most secretive methods of Spider Web Building.

Can you the least recognize how much human time work involvement is required & also the plethora of services summed together for your achievement?

That's why we don't just ask for it, Haq Hai Humara.

3. What's the difference between STOP & Online Shopping Business?

Our Response:

STOP is Selling Through Online Platform. That means you choose any particular platform, we help you in getting sales. Now the question is how? Why should you need anyone to do this which you could do self wise?

So let us tell you something. That suppose you start selling your items online through any platform or you have been selling them. You would have known or would know how much capable you have been in selling them.

When you give us the work, even as an experiment, we assure you, we would be much better than you in every aspect of selling.

For eg, we start with Specifications, Product Detailed Knowledge & Content Writing about the products.

We also include Branding per Product through a very different angle you haven't yet focussed much.

Then we include a few key strategies so that there is no question of return once the item is ordered.

And the last case is we always include a worst-case scenario in almost everything we provide so that you never have to bear any loss.

Whereas in Online Own Shop, we design your website, deploy certain aspects of Content Marketing & added to those tons of Strategies that make you gear up for the best life could offer ever.

4. What's the difference between US & Online Shopping Websites those who offer proper launchpad?

Our Response:

The difference is the way you will be projected depends on them, so on us.

And also the key difference is the charges you have to bear on their process which they adhere to.

With us, it's just you. You are the BOSS. You are the decision-maker. We are the catalyst.

We develop strategies, insights based on ZERO RETURNS, HIGHER PROFIT MARGINS & BRAND VALUE.

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